Pink Earth Art Gallery


Art is about sharing life with others visually, a different way of speaking. A picture really is worth 1000 words, and a painting is a personal story. This is mine, places I've been, animals, people, etc. I see the world as a magnificently stunning place filled with wonder and intrigue, so complex in it's many facets and yet so simply Yahweh's glorious creation. Color is my specialty, rich and bright. Enjoy the Gallery as it grows and at some point, I'll share how to purchase prints.

Cow Creek, (triptych) acrylic on canvas, This is a place close to where I lived a few years ago. Our property was surrounded by our neighbor's 400 acres of forest and cow pasture where I was able to take some of the best prayer walks ever. I rarely saw people out there, just cows, and my dogs. This is one of their watering holes.

A Day In Tazfat,
acrylic on canvas. On a trip to Israel, one of our stops was a little artsy village called Tzfat. It was early in the morning and this little lady was on the way to work, coffee in hand. I added the cat to the scene because I like them.

, watercolor on paper. Yes, I am an animal lover. Chickens and roosters are especially funny to me. I gave him a name after I painted the picture.
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