Pentecost 2020 – Repost: Who is the Holy Spirit? Part Two.

Please follow along with us as we revisit our series, “Who is the Holy Spirit?” parts 1-8.
Part Two highlights how we are reborn and made new immediately through salvation, and then how we are continuously being renovated by the presence of the Holy Spirit:
“Even though at the moment that we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we are washed clean from every sin and our standing with God is made perfect in him, our souls, our mortal bodies and even our immortal spirits cannot – as a unit – receive all of God’s glory all at once. The process of sanctification while we are on earth is gradual.
The Holy Spirit transforms us into the image of Christ, renewing our “inner man,” which is another way to say that the Holy Spirit is renewing our spirits and restoring our souls, day by day. The Holy Spirit is leading us on a straight path, from glory to glory, one day at a time. He is our Teacher and Guide. God’s Spirit is the Spirit of Sanctification.”
Here is the link to the article: Who is the Holy Spirit? – Part Two: From Glory to Glory.
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