Building A House: Journal Part 6




Unless the Lord

builds the house,

those who build it

labor in vain.

~Psalm 127:1




I cannot tell you how exciting it is to finally see walls going up on this house. This journal was almost going to be changed to Growing A Garden Journal, because for so long that is all that was happening. There seems to be a shortage of laborers these days. We're giving the glory to God either way because His timing is perfect.

We are using insulated concrete forms- ICF's. They go together like giant Legos. They are hollow in the center, ribbed with plastic. The blocks are clipped together and the plastic holds rebar in place. Concrete will be poured into the spaces for a solid, well insulated structure. There are many brands of them. We went with Fox Blocks. They do go up quickly and are extremely energy efficient. 

We have a temporary power pole to help get the job done, but eventually we will have solar panels which will go on the roof.

The flowers as well as the heavens declare the glory of Yahweh.

Progress has been made on my husband's office. It has natural lighting and serves several useful purposes. We have running water down to the house site now. I'll save some of those photos for next time.

It is also exciting to see progress in the garden. The effort for me is therapeutic, God does the rest.

One might think that I allow litter in my garden, my husband thought so and started to throw away my plastic water bottles with sugar and borax in them meant for ant control. He figured it out though.

This year it's just tomatoes, herbs, and flowers, next year, maybe more including grapes and berries.


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