Building A House: Journal Part 5

So, there is not much as far as house construction going on right now. Workers are catching up due to much rain and we are not on their priority list. But, we have projects that we can work on in the mean time. My drainage ditch has expanded into a garden.

If we are honest. it can get wearisome doing good, especially when we don't see progress. Lord, did I pray for patience or humility or something? lol How long is due season? And what kind of harvest are we talking about here?

The key? Do NOT Give Up! Let me say that again, DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Don't worry, I'm not. I just have to say/write it out loud sometimes for encouragement. If we sow good, we will reap good, no matter how long it takes.

This principle works whether you're building a house, planting a garden, sitting in traffic, or waiting and praying for your lost loved ones to get saved. Shalom Shalom!!!

Here is my husband's project, an office, with an eventual half moon cutout on the door, for the most serious of paperwork. It beats the woods. 

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