Building a House: Journal Part 2

Here is what can happen on a nice sunny day. Unfortunately there haven't been many of those since I last posted in August. This is where concrete footers will go for our workshop when we can pour concrete.

This is why we haven't been able to pour concrete. There have been too few sunny days in a row. Footers are essential for a foundation.


So we clear more trees. This is called a loader.

It pushes down trees.

Like this. Loader Man is on the move.

Here is where our workshop will go. For awhile it will be merely a pole barn. Eventually it will house my art studio and workshop for my husband who does wood work, blacksmithing and a variety of other things. One day we will post on some of that.

So there are things to be done that don't require perfect weather. This is a rough sketch of what the front of the house will look like.

I made a sink for one of the bathrooms.

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