Praying for Prodigals

Living Water watercolor on paper  copyright © Speak Comfort

Living Water

In Exodus 17:1-7 as the Children of Israel wandered with Moses in the wilderness, they became thirsty and they wondered if God was among them even after all of the miracles they had witnessed in being delivered out of slavery in Egypt. Moses cried out to Adonai and followed His instructions to bring forth water to quench their thirst. He split the rock in the wilderness, and gave them drink in abundance like the depths. He also brought streams out of the rock and caused waters to run down like rivers. ~Psalm 78:15-16   What a beautiful picture and foreshadowing this is of the abundant Living Water flowing from the Rock we know to be Yeshua.
Then we see the Prodigal son in Jesus’ beloved parable also doubt the existence of God as he lost sight of his blessings and went out to seek satisfaction in the whims of the world. Let us find encouragement in the promises of God. Behold I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. ~Isaiah 43:19   Most of us have at least one prodigal in our life and many of us have been prodigals ourselves. Now it is our turn to be the intercessors who are crying out on behalf of others.
Dear Abba Father, We wonder what happened to our prodigals as they wander through dry places and wonder if You are truly among us. Where did we go wrong? What could we have done differently? Lord, how did we misrepresent You and what can we do now? As Moses interceded for the Israelites and the brokenhearted father cried out for his lost son, so do we for our precious prodigals: children, parents, relatives, friends, strangers and enemies.
Lord, refresh them with Your Living Water. Show them that the pleasures of this world are merely pigs slop and parched desert compared to what you have to offer and that You are Emanuel who came to dwell among us as Yeshua who is the Rock of Our Salvation. We humbly ask that you move the mountains and create the perfect conditions for bringing our loved ones home and help them not to forsake your marvelous gift. Thank you that you are patient and not willing that any should perish but that all should reach repentance. ~2 Peter 3:9 And help us to follow your instructions to do our part and to look forward to what you are going to do. Amen
Here is a fascinating study of a split rock in Saudi Arabia discovered in 1992, researched for 12 years by Jim and Penny Caldwell and believed by some to be the Mount Horeb miracle rock from the times of Exodus.


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