Pink Earth Studio: Reflections

Reflections (left) watercolor on paper   Antique stores have always been fascinating to me, a menagerie of items in remembrance of times gone by.
Captive Audience (upper right) watercolor on paper   The wig heads were just too hilarious to ignore as they sat being ever entertained by the activities of the day. The circus happened to be in town so the unicycle man was an added bonus. For fun I added the elderly lady who was my neighbor.
Perplexed Customer (lower right) watercolor on paper   Of course the cow was not really on the street corner wondering when milking time was: artistic license.

Oh, the complexities of a shop window as we are privileged to observe  the creativity of the owner behind the glass in objects of great interest and beauty as well as contraptions that beg the question, “what is that?”.  And if we pay careful attention, we might notice the reflections in the glass which can be even more fascinating. You can also check out if your clothes match or not and your hair isn’t poofed out funny and you can do some people watching without them knowing that you know. I sure hope ya’ll have a sense of humor.
I do love parables, don’t you? The Lord does also. Similar to our lives we seek to display the finer aspects in the foreground and attempt to hide away at least most of the unpleasantries. The reflections represent what we see as we observe the world around us. Self examination is Biblical, and if we are honest with ourselves and with the Lord, an important part of our spiritual health. So stop looking at those awful sweatpants you put on this morning and talk to the Lord about your heart.
Search me Oh God and know my heart; Try me and know my anxious thoughts; And see if there be any hurtful way in me, And lead me in the everlasting way. ~Psalm 139:23-24   Oh Abba (Daddy), I am so thankful that I can come to you like a child in all honesty, wonder and amazement and that you have covered over and forgiven my sins with your sacrifice. Help me to honor your request to let my light so shine before men and women, that they may see Your good work and glorify You, Father, who is in heaven. ~Matthew 5:16
Shalom Shalom to you and yours, Jeanette (a.k.a. Pink Earth)
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